Minimum Deposit: 0.0005 BTC
Maximum Deposit: 1 BTC


How profit is achieved in 100 hours?
We invest deposits to safe trading contracts on cryptocurrency stock markets and advertising services.
Every deposit is Escrow covered so there is no any risk situation.

What are deposit max. and min. limits?
Minimum deposit limit is 0.001 BTC and maximum deposit limit is 2 BTC. Remember to provide valid e-mail address for identify your investment. If you would like to invest more than maximum please make two separated deposits.

Do we accept fiat currency?
We do not accept FIAT currency and do not operate in such markets. Any operations are made by cryptocurrency only. We do not offer eny exchange or similar services.

Why final deposit value is greather than provided?
Final deposit value may contain some extra satoshi (it is like a dust) to identify your unique deposit at payment process. Extra satoshi are also invested and doubled - so you receive them back (doubled). Maximum amount of satoshi is 9999.

What is withdrawal time?
After your deposit have end you receive profit instantly, there may be some delays because of Bitcoin Network overload. We pay transaction fees.

What about privacy?
W do not keep any logs (excluding those needed by firewall for security purposes) and do not share your e-mail with 3rd parties. Our website uses cookies to provide proper functionality.

Is Bitcoin Doubler legal? What it means?
There is no magical power of doubling Bitcoins! However with proper investments made by our specialists we achieve high profits so we give you back in 100 hours doubled deposit placed by you. There is no any illegal software or any other activities made!

Do you accept other cryptocurrency than Bitcoin?
At the moment we accept Bitcoin only, but our investitions made by our specialists are placed in many other cryptocurrencies and after 100 hours we convert them to Bitcoin and sent to you (doubled).

Why my deposit is not visible after transaction being completed?
Transaction need to have at least 6 confirmations and after that your deposit is activated in maximum time of 40 minutes.